Your visit

On the afternoon you arrive you will be warmly welcomed and taken care of from the beginning to the end of your visit. Feel free to bring picnics with you, we will provide soft and hot drinks for your group/family.

After a tour of the venue you will be invited to select the pottery pieces you wish to decorate. All the pots and bowls are hand-thrown by David, all other pieces are made by David & Jenny using clay from a Devon quarry. You will then be shown how to use the glazes, it’s great fun and easy to do. It does not require a previous knowledge or art experience, if you can hold a brush than you can do Raku! (Raku is the Japanese word for joy). When you take part in a workshop you will understand why.

When you have decorated your pots, they will be placed in the kiln. You will be invited to see inside the kiln at intervals throughout the firing process and witness the glazes turn to glass and your masterpiece emerge. Firing takes approximately 30 minutes. The pots are removed from the kiln and plunged into sawdust, where the combustion produces the colours and effects. The pots are then cooled in water and returned to you for the final part of the process… SCRUBBING! Once the carbon and sawdust have been scrubbed away your masterpiece is complete and ready to take home.

What Will It Cost?

£37.50 a head. This covers everything including the glazes, firing, tuition, 1 item of your choice and 50% off any extra pieces. Family concessions will be available and arranged to suit individual groups. Extra items are usually purchased at a price of between £7-£10. These items make fabulous gifts, ornaments for your home or lovely souvenirs of your visit to Devon.

Final pieces

Completed pieces

Completed pieces ready to take home the same day

Completed Pieces
Choose your piece

Choose your pieces

A selection of pieces ready to paint


Painting your piece

Pieces are painted/decorated

The Kiln

Pieces are fired in the kiln

Pieces in the Kiln

Cooled down

Cooled down

Plunged into sawdust to cool

Quick scrub

Fired pieces are scrubbed